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The professions

There are 4 business lines within AX Group:


AX Group engineering

Here we find all the professions that answer the question “What do I manufacture ?

At AX they are design engineers or technicians, R&D engineers, project managers, buyers, CAD draughtsmen, electrical technicians, automation engineers, etc.

Ecodesign, product innovation, design to cost, design to weight, solid mechanics and material resistance calculations, fluid mechanics and pressure loss calculations, simulation, prototyping and testing…

The range of possibilities is limitless when it comes to defining the most advanced technical offering in response to a market problem.

Methods, industrialisation and production professions

The other essential question we answer here is “How do I make it?

Our mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering technicians work on manufacturing plans, operating procedures, production bills of materials and quality management during the industrialisation phase, followed by assembly, welding, electrical wiring and testing during the production phase.

AX Groupe industrialisation

The marketing and sales professions

AX Group marketing
After defining the product in engineering and manufacturing it in production, we now need to find a market for it and build a business model so that we can offer it to our customers. In fact, this is where we most often start, and it’s the sales people who do it. They are technical sales people, sales engineers, business developers or business unit managers. They carry out market research, organise trade shows, canvass by telephone and via social networks. They listen to the needs of our customers to provide them with the right technical and economic offer

The support professions

To ensure the success of our projects, we need a solid back office to ensure that each business has the right human and financial resources at the right time. This includes Human Resources, in charge of recruitment, payroll, training and career management, and finance and accounting.


AX Group support client

They talk about their company

Training and career development

At AX Group, we believe that a company’s progress depends on its ability to see its employees progress and evolve. In fact, we are in the habit of saying that team-mates evolve and grow at the same time as the company.
By way of example, several project managers arrived as trainees, then were taken on as design engineers and progressed to project manager positions.
For us, personal development also involves developing the versatility of each individual, which we monitor using our multi-skilling matrices, with great success for the production and engineering professions.Our ambitious training course allows each employee, whatever their experience, status or initial skills base, the opportunity to develop technical, human and managerial skills. Thus, our training courses provide essential resources and methods of transmitting technical knowledge and management skills, particularly when our employees take on the role of mentors for our interns and work-study students.

Team life

At AX Group, we are convinced that the professional environment offers an exceptional opportunity to create strong social bonds between individuals from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. Beyond our quest for collective efficiency, we organise our work activities and team life in such a way as to encourage face-to-face interaction. Throughout the year, many formal and informal moments punctuate our daily professional life, creating a warm and collaborative atmosphere:
  • Regular team meetings
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • An in-house newsletter
  • social events such as team lunches and afterworks
  • Team-building activities
  • Our traditional annual pétanque tournament
  • Table football for fun breaks
  • A barbecue before the summer holidays to which our employees’ families are invited
  • Individual and group training

Joining AX Group means

  • Join a Green Factory recognized and rewarded for its innovative character, which designs and produces innovative equipment in France, at the rate of more than one patent per year
  • Evolve within a stimulating ecosystem, promoting learning
  • Enter a largely exporting industrial group, reaching up to 80% for one of its AX System subsidiaries
  • Get involved in a business project while enjoying getting out of your comfort zone to progress as the business grows
  • Be part of a team on a human scale that places people at the center of your organization by promoting moments of conviviality and a good atmosphere between colleagues