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AX GROUP is committed to addressing energy challenges by limiting energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The company, a staunch advocate of ‘Made In France,’ exports extensively, showcasing international competitiveness. We play a leading role in innovation and believe that innovation and collaboration are essential to addressing environmental challenges. Together, at AX GROUP, we combine our efforts towards a common goal.


Pioneering company innovation as a basis for technological growth.

Un peu d'histoire, l'équipe AX ServicesAX Services is founded in Steenwerck by Miroslaw Glusko, a former employee of the Hamon group. AX Services offered a range of cleaning services for heat exchanger users.


To meet the needs of its service offering, AX Services designs an innovative high-pressure cleaning solution using a water hydraulic motor, which will become the AX Cleaner®. A first patent is filed.


Romain Pennel and Martin Bellan (†) take over AX Services, which becomes AX System and changes its business model. The company moves to a new building in Bailleul.


AX System takes over Pégase, a Belgian company specialising in fuel logistics for 30 years.


The Group obtains its first ISO 9001 certification.


After 2 years of R&D, AX Cleaner® is equipped with a new hydraulic pusher that is lighter, more compact and more efficient. This new invention is patented.


The Group creates a third subsidiary, AX Solar Robot, with the aim of transposing AX System's mission to the photovoltaic sector. Pégase wins its first public contract for the French army.


AX System wins its first major nuclear contract for SPIE Nucléaire, and registers new patents for the fully automatic hydraulic AX Cleaner, and for innovative cleaning ladders.


Inauguration of our Green Factory.


Creation of SAS AX Group, bringing the 3 brands under a single umbrella.




Working as part of a team is a source of personal fulfilment, and we ensure that everyone is respected and feels good about themselves.


We never lose sight of our objective, and we move forward in a straight line. We refuse to accept the status quo. We continually challenge ourselves as part of a continuous improvement process.


We're passionate about developing innovative technological solutions. We are curious and creative.


We enjoy working together.


Setting ambitious goals... and never giving up!


We are not afraid of crazy ideas, we know how to react quickly and seize opportunities astutely.

CSR commitments

Environmentally responsible

“At AX, ecological commitment is at the heart of our DNA. We put our commitment into practice by favoring local purchasing and production within our Green Factory, a true symbol of sustainability and innovation.
Recognized for its excellence, our eco-responsible building is the cradle of innovative solutions. Thanks to our rigorous approach to industrial project management, we constantly push the boundaries to design solutions at the cutting edge of optimization and environmental responsibility.
At AX, we are proud to be pioneers, providing innovative responses to environmental challenges while maintaining a positive impact on our planet.”

Respect de l'environnement, AX Group

Profitable and sustainable growth

“AX Group is a trustworthy brand that continues to grow. With average annual growth of 35% and an eight-fold increase in our workforce since 2016, our company is today a benchmark in terms of dynamism and appeal.
Our significant presence on international markets and the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector demonstrate the relevance of our offering to meet the needs of our customers.
At AX, we are proud of our success and are committed to continuing to innovate and provide superior solutions to those who trust us.”

Croissance rentable et durable AX Group

Recognized expertise

“At AX, our expertise is recognized and appreciated at all levels.
Our solid position on international markets and the trust placed by major French industrial groups attest to our first-rate know-how.
Our versatile and talented teams are constantly at the forefront of innovation, which translates into regularly obtaining patents, certifications and prestigious awards.
At AX, we are committed to delivering superior solutions, backed by our unrivaled expertise and ability to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers.”

Expertise reconnue, AX Group

The means of our ambitions

“At AX, we give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions.
Surrounded by expert and multidisciplinary humans, we encourage the training of our employees to enable them to perfect their know-how.
Our financial independence allows us to make crucial strategic choices: we systematically reinvest our profits into R&D in order to offer ever more innovative and competitive solutions to our customers.
Finally, our holistic organizational approach and our commitment to creating a fulfilling work environment for our employees illustrate our desire for continuous improvement.”

Les moyens de nos ambitions AX Group

Common beliefs

Our action takes on meaning through the strength of the collective: it is alongside expert, committed and passionate collaborators that we draw our energy to offer the best to our customers.

Our shared values and beliefs constitute our reason for being: to generate a positive impact on the world and society by joining forces within a committed collective.
This is how we give deep meaning to our work and actively contribute to making a significant difference.”

Croyances communes AX Group

Green Factory

Since our inception, our constant growth has regularly led us to adapt our facilities as our business has evolved. Our aim was to design a building that reflected our identity, offering all our teams a pleasant and fulfilling working environment.

Whether in our offices equipped with video-conferencing facilities, a creative lab and flexible spaces, or in our production area equipped with high-performance testing facilities, we have sought to maximise the efficiency and promote the well-being of our employees.

Our commitment to the environment has led us to incorporate eco-responsible features such as a rainwater harvesting system, a 22 kW solar panel installation and a low-energy heating system. In short, we’ve created a high-performance workplace that allows us to produce efficiently while respecting the environment.

Green Factory AX Group in Bailleul (France)