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With its automated fogging and high-pressure cleaning solutions, AX System improves the efficiency of power plants while reducing their environmental footprint.

We work mainly in gas-fired power stations abroad, but also in nuclear power stations in France.

This business, which is largely exported at a rate of 80%, gives us a leading position on a global scale, thanks to our innovative solutions, which are unrivalled on the market.

Our biggest competitor is Germany.

AX Cleaner

AX Solar Robot maximises photovoltaic electricity production with its cleaning robots for solar panels.

This activity was created as a continuation of AX System and its ambition: since we optimise the yield of thermal power plants to reduce their carbon footprint, why not adopt the same approach for renewable energies?

Our robots work on large-scale photovoltaic installations, whether on the ground or on roofs, with priority given to conserving resources, particularly water. The competitive dynamics of this fast-growing market are strong, and this drives us to innovate in order to develop differentiating and sustainable technical solutions.

AX Solar Robot

Pegase manufactures fuel transport and distribution solutions to bring energy as close as possible to the point of consumption.

For example, we design tank trailers to refuel emergency generators for EDF, and containerised service stations for the French army.

Thanks to these solutions, including our customised offers, we enable our customers to avoid unnecessary journeys to service stations, which helps to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with the use of fossil fuels.

Pegase is actively preparing for the post-fossil fuel era and soon plans to present new transport solutions for an energy alternative.

Pegase Energies, AX Group